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Parade is letting consumers recycle their (clean) underwear in exchange for discounts.

Jan 19 2022

Parade is letting consumers recycle their (clean) underwear in exchange for discounts. The recycling program, Second Life by Parade, is in partnership with TerraCycle, and encourages consumers to return clean, used underwear from any brand in exchange for a 20% discount on a future purchase. Consumers can request a free biodegradable bag and prepaid shipping label to send in their used garments via Parade’s website. From there, they can send in as many pairs of underwear that can fit in the bag (each bag can hold up to 10 3XL pairs of underwear, according to Parade), and the used garments will be recycled into new products such as furniture, insulation, and bedding. The brand has been focused on sustainability from the start by using sustainably-sourced cotton, biodegradable packaging, and committing to becoming a carbon positive business by 2025, and Parade joins the list of fashion brands that have been doubling down on eco-friendly practices via recycling programs. (Sourcing Journal)