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Up-and-coming wellness brands are making the industry more accessible to young people.

Jan 13 2022

Up-and-coming wellness brands are making the industry more accessible to young people. YPulse’s mental health research shows beauty / self-care and holistic remedies are some of the top things Gen Z and Millennials have taken up to combat stress / anxiety in the past year, and vitamins / supplements is a health and wellness trend they’re interested in. As the wellness industry grows, brands are popping up to give young consumers entry into this buzzy space with affordable products and education. Sunwink recently expanded to Target and is known for its tonics and powders (like the Digestion Lemonade, Beauty Fruit Punch, and Cacao Clarity) that come at an affordable price of $27; Golde also launched at Target last year and its focus is to “make wellness truly accessible” with easy-to-use super-food products highlighting the benefits behind their formulas; and New Zealand-based Health by Habit launched at Walmart last June with supplements as low as $9 and a variety of benefits-based products for energy, sleep, and stress relief. According to Health by Habit’s product and operations director, new-age consumers are looking for “lifestyle-based solutions,” and these brands’ benefits-based approach are making it easier for Gen Z and Millennials to introduce supplements / powders / etc. into their wellness mix. (Glossy)