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Netflix is launching “The Gay Agenda”—a podcast celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

Jan 06 2022

Netflix is launching The Gay Agenda—a podcast celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Created by lesbian actress, singer/songwriter, and podcaster Jasmin Savoy Brown, The Gay Agenda looks at the lives of LGBTQ+ creatives across multiple industries, sharing their stories “through a loving and humorous lens.” Jasmin Savoy Brown co-hosts the show with producer and nonbinary actor, comic, and playwright Liv Hewson, adding “[The Gay Agenda] is serious and it isn’t. Part of the impetus behind this podcast was creating a space to talk about being LGBTQ in entertainment that centered on something other than pain.” Netflix has launched over 40 podcasts since creating the entertainment division, with The Gay Agenda marking its first LGBTQ-centered cast. The show drops on January 10 featuring conversations with nonbinary actor Bex Taylor-Klaus (known for their role in Arrow and The Killer), and the first season features 45-minute episodes that will be released over the following eight weeks. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research shows demand for diverse storytelling and entertainment (especially content that focuses on both positive and negative experiences) is vital for reaching Gen Z and Millennials. (Variety)