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MAC Cosmetics is tapping Cher and Saweetie to kick off a makeup social media challenge.

Jan 04 2022

MAC Cosmetics is tapping Cher and Saweetie to kick off a makeup social media challenge. The “Challenge Accepted” campaign features the two stars along with a range of influencers / content creators who will put MAC products to the test over the course of seven weeks, showing how well they hold up during various activities. For example, swimmer Kristina Makushenko will test how well MAC products hold up underwater, skydiver Maja Kuczynska will demonstrate products’ weightlessness as she jumps out of a plane, and the NaeNae Twins will illustrate how MAC’s powder and liquid foundation hold up during their high energy dance routines. The creators will test the products on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat where fans are encouraged to put their own MAC products to the test, and more than 10,000 makeup artists will also host weekly challenges to educate social media users about MAC’s products. “Challenge Accepted” marks MAC Cosmetics’ first brand-focused campaign in three years, and YPulse’s social and mobile marketing preferences research shows 18% of Gen Z and Millennials say branded social media challenges are the advertising they prefer to see on social media. (AdAge)