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Earrings are becoming more of a fashion statement among young men.

Jan 04 2022

Earrings are becoming more of a fashion statement among young men. YPulse told you how makeup and jewelry have been getting a gender-inclusive upgrade as Gen Z and Millennials inspire brands to adopt more gender neutral styles. Now, studs and hoops are becoming more popular among young men, which is being spearheaded by young style icons like Harry Styles, BTS’ Jungkook, and Evan Mock (known for his role as Aki in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot). According to Lyst, searches for men’s earrings are up by 147% since January 2021, while “cuff earrings” are up 90%, “helix piercings” up 303%, and “mono earring” searches have also experienced an increase. While men wearing earrings isn’t new, their experimentation with flashier styles like hoops and dangles is “unprecedented,” according to Saisangeeth Daswani, a fashion analyst at global trend-forecasting agency Stylus. Young men are also moving beyond their lobes and opting for tragus or cartilage piercings. Combined with the fact that workplace dress codes are becoming more loose and fashion is becoming less binary, trendy ear candy is more popular than ever. YPulse’s Gender Blur trend research shows over half of young people believe gender is fluid and we should work towards breaking traditional gender stereotypes. (WSJ)