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The generation “war” continues: Gen Z is using iPod Shuffles as hair clips to troll Millennials.

Dec 27 2021

The generation “war” continues: Gen Z is using iPod Shuffles as hair clips to troll Millennials. After a TikTok video from college student Celeste Tice (@freckenbats) where she clips a silver iPod Shuffle into her hair saying, “So I found this old…I don’t know, iPod hair clip thing?,” went viral last week, Millennials are once again outraged over Gen Z’s “disrespect” for the things their generation knows and loves all too well. Unbeknown to Millennials, however, Tice’s video is a joke, and TikTokers and Twitter users can’t stop sharing their thoughts on the matter. TikTok creator Rod Thill, who’s known for making content about what it’s like to be a Millennial these days, posted a reaction video to Tice’s TikTok saying, “This is the last straw I can’t take it anymore,” which has garnered 5.7M views. Meanwhile, more Gen Z TikTokers have gotten in on the joke by posting hair styling videos where they playfully clip different colored iPod Shuffles into their hair. This isn’t the first time iPod “hair clips” have gone viral. Last year, TikTok creator Doris Kwon joked in a video that she had “found the cutest hair clips,” and a February video from Katarina Mogus showed off the new “Apple hairpods” as Mogus pretended to be an influencer introducing her followers to the hot new product. Hopefully, the iPod Shuffle hair clip saga is the final feud between these two gens as we head into 2022. (NBC News)