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Simu Liu’s “Shang-Chi” character wore Air Jordan sneakers to mix “Asian and American upbringings.”

Dec 21 2021

Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi character wore Air Jordan sneakers to mix “Asian and American upbringings.” Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of this year’s most successful movies, and its star recently revealed the reason behind some of the character’s outfit choices. In the film, the superhero’s main costume features dragon armor to represent his Chinese heritage and mom and the Ten Rings given to him by his dad. The look is completed with a pair of black and red Air Jordan Access sneakers, serving not only as a fashion accessory, but as “proof of an immigrant’s journey to the west.” The decision to include the sneakers came from Marvel’s concept designer Andy Park, who aimed to reinvent Shang-Chi from comic books and created dozens of “different iterations” based on the ever-evolving script. Park said he added the shoes to give the superhero a distinctive piece that was “solely his,” along with the items passed down from his parents. According to Liu, the decision to give him Air Jordans also made the character relatable: “I think the most revolutionary thing we did with our movie was that we portrayed a human being, an Asian American, who was three-dimensional.” (Inverse)