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Kids are craving more positive and feel-good content.

Dec 16 2021

Kids are craving more positive and feel-good content. According to Parrot Analytics, feel-good family shows that focus on joy and make kids happy are “more in demand” globally right now than other types of content. The surge in viewership for “joyful shows” is driven by children’s worries about the future, loneliness, and increased anxiety. Of the shows analyzed, the firm found that feel-good shows were 1.93 times more in demand than the average kids show. SpongeBob Squarepants (76.8 times more in demand) and Sesame Street (44.0 times more in demand) were among the titles that have outpaced the average show over the past few weeks. Preschoolers flocked to JibJab Bros.’ musical series Storybots Super Songs, which was four times more in demand than the average title worldwide, followed by Forky Asks A Question (2.12 times) and True and the Rainbow Kingdom (2.08 times). Kids five-seven-years-old turned to Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts (2.79 times), Kids Baking Championship (1.42 times), and Pick of the Litter and Pup Academy, which were 0.46 and 0.47 times more in-demand, respectively. Meanwhile, kids eight-12-years-old chose shows like The Great British Bake Off (8.89 times), Mythbusters (7.22 times), and Summer Camp Island (1.83 times). YPulse’s Content Cure trend research found that the majority of parents enjoy watching pure /wholesome content, and they’re clearly passing it down. (Kidscreen)