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An increasing number of “cannamoms” are using cannabis to help them parent.

Dec 09 2021

An increasing number of “cannamoms” are using cannabis to help them parent. YPulse research found that 42% of Millennial moms have tried or experimented with marijuana, while our State of Mind trend data found that 56% have used holistic remedies, like CBD, to combat stress and anxiety in the last year. While the “cannamom” movement isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, the previously small in-person and online groups have been growing. It includes moms who are using cannabis in their everyday lives (including fizzy drinks, edibles, tinctures, and CBD products) to help put them in a headspace where they can be patient with their kids, or help themselves unwind after a long, stressful day. While some women and moms are worried about the perception around cannabis use, the ones coming out of the “green closet” are trying to shift the stigma that consuming cannabis isn’t about getting “blazing high” or glorifying drug use, but rather that responsible usage can help them manage their tasks and anxieties. (BBC)