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Omsom is a meal kit brand on a mission to reclaim Asian flavors and stories.

Dec 07 2021

Omsom is a meal kit brand on a mission to reclaim Asian flavors and stories. When sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham founded meal kit brand Omsom last year, they intended to dispel the damaging stereotypes that Asian food is monolithic, cheap, and unhealthy—and wanted to bring that mindset into kitchens across the U.S. Each of their meal kits contains a pouch with sauces and spices required for “easy, restaurant-quality meals.” Before launching their business, the two spent time researching, spreading the word on social media, and observing 50 people cooking in their own kitchen to understand “the current state of cooking Asian food in America.” Right now, the brand has products spanning six Asian countries and cuisines, created by chefs who share each food’s cultural background, and they have partnered with celebrities like Pepper Teigen. The duo’s ultimate goal is to make Omsom a household name by “start[ing] important conversations and dialogues about Asian cuisines and communities.” (Adweek)