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Brands are starting to combine cannabis and apparel (talk about “high” fashion). 

Dec 06 2021

Brands are starting to combine cannabis and apparel (talk about “high” fashion). While streetwear brands have long played into hip-hop, skating, and street art culture, cannabis has gone untouched (mostly due to legalization / restrictions) despite heavily playing into the same streetwear culture adopted by most of the fashion world today. That’s starting to change, however, and some brands are starting to fuse fashion with cannabis to appeal to young people. Zig-Zag is a century-old French brand that makes rolling papers and smoking accessories and recently made its first major step in the fashion space with an apparel collection including hoodies, joggers, letterman jackets, and a leather bag. Each product will be released in limited quantities, and the brand plans on doing its first collaboration with a “large high-fashion brand” next year to expand the marijuana-meets-fashion space even more. This isn’t the first time weed has gotten a glam makeover, but merging the two worlds is still challenging because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, so brands that are starting to look into the space still have a lot to consider. But young people have been fueling the cannabis economy for quite some time, and YPulse’s drugs, health, and risky behaviors research shows 18% of Gen Z and 40% of Millennials experimented with marijuana in 2021, so these generations are most likely on board. (Glossy)