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Bobbie is rebranding baby formula.

Dec 02 2021

Bobbie is rebranding baby formula. From Glossier makeup, to Great Jones cookware, to Outdoor Voices leggings, there’s hundreds of DTC, venture-funded lifestyle brands that have a certain Millennial aesthetic and apparel. Now, “European-style” formula company Bobbie is targeting Millennial moms by reinventing the baby formula space. The brand was founded by former Airbnb employees and Silicon Valley moms Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy, who were disappointed with U.S. formulas and were instead inspired by European formulas, which have been popular among affluent parents, have less corn syrup, but are illegal to import and sell in the U.S. So, the two created their own “organic, pasture-raised, $24-a-can formula,” and source ingredients from trusted suppliers like Organic Valley, which has been approved by the FDA. While some experts believe that the panic over corn syrup is “overblown,” many parents feel more comfortable having another choice for baby formula. (Romper)