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“Aesthetic moms” are leading the trend of taupe and cream nurseries on Instagram.

Dec 02 2021

“Aesthetic moms” are leading the trend of taupe and cream nurseries on Instagram. While bright-colored nurseries are still popular with some parents, the trend of beige nurseries has been emerging online—especially among “aesthetic moms.” On Instagram, #nursery (which has millions of posts) generates a feed of nurseries full of taupe, cream, white, gray, black, and beige colors. Those same mothers are often opting for an “uniced [c]ake featuring twigs, leaves, and sackcloth banners” over a Paw Patrol cake. Some have questioned whether the trend hinders a child’s development, but according to some researchers, there just isn’t enough evidence to show whether “a baby with a bright blue nursery will grow up to perceive the world differently from a baby with a tan one”—though exposing them to a variety of colors is still generally an effective way for them to learn and visually process new information. However, one psychologist stressed that there is no one right way for mothers to bring up their kids, and that “being a happy, healthy parent doing things that make you feel good about your family life is valuable and valid.” (WIRED)