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Black, Hispanic, and Asian moms and daughters are driving the sales of diverse dolls.

Dec 02 2021

Black, Hispanic, and Asian moms and daughters are driving the sales of diverse dolls. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research found that 53% of Millennial parents have bought a toy for their child to teach them about diversity, and according to ViacomCBS Consumer Products’ “More Than Dolls” study, the biggest factor driving doll purchases among mom and daughters is whether or not the doll looks like them. The study found that Black girls are most likely to own dolls that reflect their race, Hispanic and Asian girls tend to have a more diverse mix of dolls, and White girls are the least likely to own diverse dolls. Nearly 66% of Black and Hispanic moms say they go out of their way to buy brands that are working to be more inclusive. The majority (66%) of moms also say they encourage their daughters to play with dolls of a different race/ethnicity, while 77% believe having diverse dolls will help their kids learn about racial and cultural diversity. However, just over half (52%) of Black moms and 49% of Hispanic moms say there aren’t enough dolls reflecting their race/ethnicity in stores. When shopping for dolls, the biggest factors that diverse moms look for are matching skin (71%), hair (56%), body type (31%), and eyes (26%). Fifty-three percent of moms say there aren’t enough dolls that represent strong and positive role models from Asian, Black, and Hispanic communities. (Kidscreen)