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Adidas created “Home Alone” sneakers just in time for the holidays. 

Dec 01 2021

Adidas created Home Alone sneakers just in time for the holidays. Modeled after Kevin’s shoes in the OG Christmas film, Adidas’ Home Alone Forum Lo sneakers are red and white, complete with a velcro strap and a mini Home Alone house pictured on the left shoe. Various burn marks give the shoes a rugged feel—as if they’ve actually been through some of the antics Kevin gets into in the film. Multiple graphic insoles are included featuring scenes like Kevin’s “Battle Plan” and Harry and Marv suffering the consequences of Kevin’s booby traps. Fans can score the sneakers before they hit store shelves December 11 by downloading the Adidas Confirmed app to enter the giveaway. Adidas’ festive kicks come just in time for the Home Alone reboot, Home Sweet Home Alone, that hit Disney+ last month. YPulse’s brand tracker research reveals that Adidas is one of the top brands Gen Z and Millennials think is cool—and nostalgic collabs certainly help up that score. (MovieWeb)