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While Black Friday is a “can’t-miss” sales event for many brands, some opted for “anti-Black Friday” messaging over the weekend. 

Nov 30 2021

While Black Friday is a “can’t-miss” sales event for many brands, some opted for “anti-Black Friday” messaging over the weekend. Following this year’s major holiday shopping weekend, RetailNext reported that store traffic rose 61% on Black Friday compared to 2020, although store traffic levels were still down 27% compared to 2019. Brands have been rethinking how they approach the day following 2020, with some extending their Black Friday deals throughout the entire month, releasing new products instead of discounts, or opting out of the sales event altogether. Swiss bag brand Freitag forgoed participating in Black Friday again this year by closing down its online store and not offering promotions; Oy and Flamingos Life also closed their online stores and directed consumers to charity donation pages; Allies of Skin began its holiday sales at the start of the month instead of holding promotions for Black Friday; and Deciem, Allbirds, and Patagonia regularly sit out the event. This doesn’t mean young holiday shoppers (and consumers in general) don’t care about sales. Rather, brands are opting out of the event to take a more purposeful approach by avoiding dangerous store traffic levels and encouraging consumers to spend consciously. YPulse’s holiday shopping plans research shows the majority of Gen Z and Millennials say they support companies that close their retail locations on Black Friday. (GlossyWSJ)