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Jade rolling foundation is TikTok’s latest viral beauty hack.

Nov 30 2021

Jade rolling foundation is TikTok’s latest viral beauty hack. A step down from #lubeprimer, using a jade roller to apply foundation is the latest beauty craze taking over TikTok. Avonna Sunshine first shared the hack after posting a video that has garnered 1.2M views, documenting how she uses a rose-quartz facial roller to achieve “a very, very smooth application” and “fuller coverage.” Sunshine notes the coolness of the roller tightens pores to give them a smoother finish compared to using a brush or sponge. More beauty influencers like Mikayla NogueiraLing Tang, and @rogerwh0 have put the viral hack to the test, with Nogueira putting her stamp of approval on the trend—although Ling Tang notes the application made her makeup look “cakey,” so the hack may not be foolproof for all. The soothing, cool effect of the jade roller has attracted several TikTokers to try the hack. Meanwhile, freezing beauty sponges is also gaining traction on the app as people seek out different ways to achieve the cooling sensation when applying their foundation. (The Cut)