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Y2K fashion is taking off in China, too. 

Nov 24 2021

Y2K fashion is taking off in China, too. YPulse told you how Gen Z has been bringing back the 2000s, and the trend is also popular in China as luxury brands find ways to speak to young people’s cravings for nostalgic style. Y2K has been dubbed the “throwback economy” by fashion observers as young consumers fuel a thrifting boom to get their hand on authentic 2000s-era styles, and some consumers are also interested in buying classic replicas. Luxury brands from Saint Laurent, to Miu Miu, to Versace highlighted Y2K styles in their Spring / Summer 2022 runways, featuring miniskirts, low-rise pants, and scarf tops. Throwback content is going viral on social media, with nostalgia-themed makeup tutorials, styling videos, DIY clips, and vintage livestreaming sales garnering millions of fans. This style isn’t just a social media trend, either; Gen Z in China is embracing all things Y2K to differentiate themselves from mainstream culture. (Jing Daily)