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Hulu is introducing an ecommerce store, Hulu Shop.

Nov 19 2021

Hulu is introducing an ecommerce store, Hulu Shop. Featuring limited-edition apparel and lifestyle products inspired by shows like Love, VictorWu-Tang: An American Saga, and The Great, Hulu Shop is giving fans a piece of the shows they know and love. The Disney-owned streamer is also releasing Ugly Holiday Sweaters that will be available to purchase for the first time (Hulu has been giving away its ugly sweaters to fans as a promotional perk for two years now). Through December 31, 100% of sales (minus taxes and shipping fees) from the Ugly Holiday Sweater collection will be donated to Feeding America until Hulu reaches $54,950 in funds (or 1,000 sweaters). Hulu Shop will feature more branded products throughout the year and plans to debut special offers starting with Black Friday and Cyber MondayBranded merch is a top way companies can connect with young fandoms—something Netflix is also doing—and now Hulu is joining the trend as its shows continue drawing young viewers. (TechCrunch)