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Young workers in China are demanding more from their jobs.

Nov 15 2021

Young workers in China are demanding more from their jobs. YPulse told you about how U.S. Gen Z and Millennials are fueling the Great Resignation as they look for more fulfilling opportunities, and for young Chinese employees, respect for workers, living up to promises, and pay that equates the amount of work they contribute are paramount when considering where they want to work, according to a survey by job recruitment site Zhaopin. Gen Z is quickly becoming the dominant force in the labor market as the pandemic creates more online work opportunities, with young workers fighting for structural changes to meet their needs and reflect the new era of work that the pandemic has created. Making money isn’t the only goal for Gen Z workers. Finding a sense of identity in their jobs, being happy, and being valued are equally important, notes Sun Xianhong, head of hiring at Oriental Yuhong. Additionally, young workers are ditching the notorious 9-9-6 culture (working 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days per week)—a schedule adopted by many Chinese tech companies. (South China Morning Post)