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Young Millennials and kids are being dubbed “Generation COVID” as they come of age during the pandemic.

Nov 15 2021

Young Millennials and kids are being dubbed “Generation COVID” as they come of age during the pandemic. Young people’s education, work, and social opportunities look vastly different because of COVID-19, and while we’ve seen some indication as to how the pandemic will affect Gen Z and Millennials in the long run, it’s very clear how it’s affecting their decision making right now. Security is top of mind, with young people saving more and asking for comprehensive work benefits—92% of 13-39-year-olds say working for an organization that offers good benefits is most important when thinking about their future and career, according to YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research. Young children around eight-14-years-old have become more resilient after experiencing a great deal of mortality at a young age, and researchers hypothesize that adolescents growing up today may follow different social norms, like paying closer attention to their hygiene and possibly being less comfortable with physical touch out of concern for loved ones’ safety. “They’ve seen a lot in a short amount of time,” notes Jessica Stollings-Holder (President of ReGenerations), and today’s children and young adults will (hopefully) emerge from the pandemic more resilient and ready to change the world for the better. (Axios)