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Musicians are going to Depop to sell clothes and engage with fans.

Nov 11 2021

Musicians are going to Depop to sell clothes and engage with fans. Depop is one of the most popular secondhand shopping platforms among Gen Z and Millennials. Now, some musicians are selling clothes from photo shoots and band tours on Depop to engage with fans—and make a living wage, of course. Brooke Dickson from The Regrettes notes her Depop shop has helped her earn income in-between tours and upcycle “costume-y kind of clothes” from her performances to loyal fans; Singer-songwriter Wafia Al-Rikabi is actively growing her audience on the platform by selling garments she doesn’t wear anymore; Speedy Ortiz singer/guitarist Sadie Dupuis sees the venture as a sustainable alternative to producing custom merch; and others started selling during the pandemic as a way to connect with fans when live events hit pause. Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, and thanks to Depop’s focus on selling one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, musicians are building 1:1 connections with their fans by giving them a taste of their personality—and closets. (Uproxx)