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Burnout is fueling the Great Resignation in the U.K.

Nov 10 2021

Burnout is fueling the Great Resignation in the U.K. A recent survey from recruitment firm Randstad U.K. found that 24% of the 6,000 respondents are planning to change jobs between early and mid-2022, more than double the usual resignation rate. YPulse has been tracking the Great Resignation for a while now, a topic we tackled in our recent WE What’s Next for Work trend research, which explores how the pandemic has provoked young workers to re-examine not only their jobs but their entire relationship to work. Our data shows that a full 40% of employed young Europeans plan to leave their current job in the next year while 20% of Millennials in Western Europe quit their jobs in the past year—and burnout is a top reason for both. Randstad’s study found that 69% of respondents feel confident about finding a new job while 16% are feeling worried. (The Guardian)