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The “As seen on TikTok” Starbucks drinks saga is still going strong.

Nov 08 2021

The “As seen on TikTok” Starbucks drinks saga is still going strong. Ordering overly complicated coffee drinks at Starbucks has been a trend for some time now thanks to a wave of young people who are sharing their tricked-out beverages on social media. The trend is known as “Starbucks Secret Menu” (#starbuckssecretmenu counts more than 210M TikTok views), with influencers detailing the (complicated) ingredient combinations for ordering unique beverages like a Snickers iced coffee or blended lemonade refresher. More fast food chains are experiencing consumers’ interest for customized menu items, too. Thanks to mobile ordering apps, consumers are mix-and-matching menu items to achieve their own customized concoctions: Chipotle notes that orders for a “quesarito” (a quesadilla wrapped around a burrito) have surged, and Chick-fil-A explains that requests for “bowls” (a combo of chicken nuggets, fries, and various sauces mixed together in a bowl) are popping up more than ever after going viral on TikTok. While restaurant workers are begging for the tricked-out orders to end as they significantly slow down productivity, it’s clear that some consumers aren’t just buying the custom creations for their own preference, but to show it off to social media. (WSJ)