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TikTok is helping video game streamers discover new audiences.

Nov 05 2021

TikTok is helping video game streamers discover new audiences. In recent months, video game streaming has taken off on TikTok as streamers go live on the platform and offer TikTokers a glimpse into games like SnakeMinecraftWordscapes, and Valorant. Streaming has taken over the app’s “LIVE” section, and streamers are capturing around 2,400 viewers at a time. And while “traditional” gaming streams on platforms like Twitch tend to feature high-tech setups, video game streams on TikTok have a low-barrier entry as most streamers just put their phone camera in front of their screen. Thanks to TikTok’s user-friendly interface, streams are less difficult (and less competitive) to setup compared to Twitch and YouTube, and while streams don’t last nearly as long as they would on these platforms, TikTok enables streamers to be discovered by new audiences, even if it is for a quick moment. YPulse’s gaming research shows that YouTube and Twitch are go-to platforms for watching esports/gaming streams, but TikTok’s massive global audience and accessible user experience could attract more streamers. (Polygon)