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Airbnb is bringing Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC apartment to life.

Nov 05 2021

Airbnb is bringing Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC apartment to life. Sex and the City fans are in for the ultimate NYC-experience, thanks to Airbnb, which recently announced that travelers can rent Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic brownstone apartment for just $23 per night—visitors can book a one-night stay starting November 8 (the apartment is only available on November 12 and 13). The apartment’s recreation serves as the IRL set for the show’s 10-episode revival, And Just Like That, premiering next month. And the cherry on top: Sarah Jessica Parker will host the Airbnb pop-up, greeting guests with a Bradshaw appropriate virtual welcome upon their arrival. Airbnb also committed to making a one-time donation to The Studio Museum (an art museum devoted to featuring works by artists of African descent) to celebrate Sex and the City’s return. YPulse research found that Millennials’ favorite place to stay while traveling is Airbnb, and creating pop-up travel experiences (like a Winnie the Pooh-inspired house and a Friends experience) is taking the travel service and fandom experiences to the next level. (NBC News)