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FaZe Clan is teaming up with Nissan for an esports tournament inside “Fortnite.”

Oct 29 2021

FaZe Clan is teaming up with Nissan for an esports tournament inside Fortnite. The Nissan FaZe Clan Pro-Am Invitational is bringing FaZe Clan members, Fortnite streamers, and Manchester City FC players together to compete for a chance to win a portion of funds from a $100,000 prize pool (half of the prize pool will be donated to a nonprofit of the winner’s choosing). Eight Fortnite trios featuring celebrities, football players, and professional esports players and streamers will be formed, and FaZe Clan will host giveaways for viewers to score merch and cash vouchers. Esports are only getting more popular among Gen Z and Millennials—according to YPulse research, 32% of 13-39-year-olds say they would rather watch an esports competition than traditional sports games—and pro athletes began merging traditional sports with gaming to connect with young audiences during pandemic lockdowns last year. And with FaZe Clan having a strong audience of Gen Z and Millennial fans, the esports tournament inside Fortnite is an example of how brands (like Nissan) can engage with young people via esports. (Esports Insider)