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Barbie and UNO are coming to TikTok.

Oct 27 2021

Barbie and UNO are coming to TikTok. After analyzing brand engagement for Barbie and UNO on TikTok (#Barbie has more than 13 billion views and #uno has 2.5 billion views), the Mattel-owned brands are officially getting their own TikTok channels as they work to reach young (and grown up) fans. And although these toys skew young, Barbie’s TikTok is aimed at “older consumers” (a.k.a. nostalgic grown ups) according to Mattel’s VP of Digital Engagement Isaac Quiroga. Barbie’s channel will tap today’s trends by establishing Barbie “like a creator participating in trends” while showcasing a diverse array of Barbies beyond the blonde-, skinny-type. Meanwhile, UNO’s channel will showcase celebrities and creators playing the game in honor of its 50th anniversary. As Mattel and more toy companies turn some of Gen Z and Millennials’ beloved toys into star-studded movies, creating branded TikTok channels is giving these nostalgic gens another form of entertainment connecting them with their favorite toys. (Ad Age)