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Kids are playing “Squid Game” at recess (but it’s not as bad as it sounds).

Oct 21 2021

Kids are playing Squid Game at recess (but it’s not as bad as it sounds). Netflix’s Squid Game has been a major hit, trending on the platform and on social media—and apparently also on the playground. The children’s games featured on the series, including red light, green light and tug of war, are reportedly becoming more popular in playtime. Seeing that Squid Game is ultra-violent, many are panicking that children are being exposed to it. From Australia to Belfast, parents are being warned that little ones shouldn’t watch the show. But everyone take a deep breath, because here’s an important detail: “To be clear, kids in real life aren’t invoking the penalty of death that is so crucial to the show.” In other words…they’re just playing traditional playground games more. (Gasp!) Half of Millennial parents tell YPulse their kids watch Netflix daily (DAILY!) but in this case it’s more likely they’ve been seeing references to and takes on the show on social media and YouTube than cuddling up and watching the gruesome series with their parents. According to one expert, “It is a social spark that spreads fast, and kids and adults alike want to be included. That’s human nature. Certainly kids can be more susceptible to it.” (Washington Post)