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Makeup is making a comeback—oh, and undereye circles are cool now?

Oct 20 2021

Makeup is making a comeback—oh, and undereye circles are cool now? YPulse’s beauty and personal care research shows that skincare is booming among Gen Z and Millennials as they traded in their makeup routines for taking care of their skin during the pandemic. But as young people return to a “somewhat” state of normal in their post-vaxx life, makeup is experiencing a comeback moment—at least when it comes to foundation. #Foundation currently has 1.6B views on TikTok and is chock full of videos from makeup influencers sharing their new favorite foundations. KVD Beauty’s Good Apple Foundation went viral after influencers and TikTokers discovered it and started talking about the foundation’s “extremely full coverage, but very light [texture].” Since the Good Apple Foundation launched, KVD Beauty has garnered 400 million views on TikTok, and popular makeup creator Mikayla Nogueira notes, “[it’s] probably the most viral foundation TikTok has ever seen…because it’s extremely unique and different.” Covergirl has also experienced a surge in interest for foundation, with its Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation immediately taking off once it was dubbed a Good Apple dupe—the original video from Jada Irene Collins has racked up more than 12M views. Meanwhile, young TikTokers are accentuating their under-eye circles, giving them a more defined-yet-polished look with a touch of eye shadow and/or delicate gems. (GlossyToday)