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Snap is launching tools to help young users run for office.

Oct 07 2021

Snap is launching tools to help young users run for office. After observing how young people interacted with the 2020 election (when young people voted at a record high rate), Snapchat is working with candidate-recruitment organizations to provide young candidates with resources and information about potentially running for office. According to Sofia Gross, head of policy partnerships and social impact for Snap, one of the issues Snap found among young voters is that “there weren’t that many candidates on the issues that the Snapchat generation cares a lot about.” YPulse’s Election 2020 research also found that 70% of 13-39-year-olds say politicians don’t focus on the issues they care about, and Snapchat’s new tools are hoping to bridge that gap by giving young consumers a platform to explore politics. Snapchatters can type “run for office” and provide their ZIP code to receive a list of personalized opportunities to run for office, BallotReady is partnering with the social platform to provide users with information about the offices they can run for, and the app connects users with the option to connect with candidate-recruitment organizations like Emerge or Run GenZ. (NPR)