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Netflix is expanding its mobile gaming platform to Spain and Italy.

Oct 06 2021

Netflix is expanding its mobile gaming platform to Spain and Italy. Netflix announced its expansion into games just a few months ago, stating that its latest content strategy would be offered at no extra cost with its usual streaming subscription. The mobile platform launched with a pilot program in Poland, but this week Netflix has expanded the gaming program into Italy and Spain with five original games based on Netflix content: Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, Teeter Up, Stranger Things: 1984, and Stranger Things 3. According to our trend research on The State of Gaming, nearly three in four U.S. Gen Z and Millennials are playing video games every week on consoles, PCs, and their phones. YPulse’s exclusive COVID research also found that during quarantine, 46% of 13-39-year-olds started playing a new mobile or video game. And our recent media Consumption report found 37% of 13-39-year-olds in Western Europe have spent money on gaming subscriptions in the past month. Netflix, meanwhile, has admitted that “we compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.” Now, it’s making a play for that growing segment of attention. (The Verge)