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Jake from State Farm is competing in a “NBA2K” Twitch stream.

Oct 05 2021

Jake from State Farm is competing in a NBA2K Twitch stream. State Farm’s beloved Jake was recently introduced as the first branded non-playable character inside NBA2K. Now, the insurance company is hosting a Twitch stream where the real Jake from State Farm (Kevin Miles) will compete against other Twitch players inside NBA2K. Kevin Miles will play as his own NBA2K avatar (MyPlayer) wearing his iconic red polo and khakis as he plays with five other players including Tyceno, GoldGlove, LospollosTV, KhleoThomas, and NateHill. People who tune into the stream will be able to vote on who they think will win each match via Twitch polls, and the winner will receive a trophy emblazoned with a pair of gold khakis. The State Farm building inside the NBA2K universe also features a State Farm branded clothing store where players can interact with Jake and outfit their own avatars in his signature look. YPulse told you how brands like White Claw and Capital One have been leaning into Twitch, and State Farm’s NBA2K Twitch stream marks the brand’s latest gaming venture. (AdAge)