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Young consumers are fueling a book boom at Barnes & Noble.

Sep 21 2021

Young consumers are fueling a book boom at Barnes & Noble. Yes, young people do read books, and YPulse’s hobbies and passions research shows that 34% of Gen Z and Millennials have been reading books to take care of their mental health during COVID-19. Barnes & Noble is seeing the results of this surge in book reading, reporting double-digit sales growth for books this year compared to 2019, and notes that teenagers and tweens are leading the boost in sales. Manga or graphic novel sales are up by as much as 500% at some stores according to the book retailer, and Barnes & Noble’s Chief Executive James Daunt notes, “Double-digit growth in books has not happened since Amazon came along.” YPulse told you how the TikTok subculture #BookTok is boosting sales for new and old titles, and Barnes & Noble is setting up “BookTok” tables filled with popular titles that young people are talking about on the platform. (NYPost)