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Forget work from home, say hello to “work from mall.” 

Sep 13 2021

Forget work from home, say hello to “work from mall.” We told you about how “third workplaces” and hybrid-working models are growing in popularity, and malls are leaning into the trend and adapting to the pandemic by offering not only gyms, shops, and restaurants, but workplaces and residences as well. Co-workspace company SaksWork is launching a location inside NYC’s Brookfield Place shopping center, while Industrious, who has 100-plus co-working spaces around the U.S., kicked off 2021 with a “work from mall” focus and has opened 200,000-square-feet of office space in shopping centers around the country, with the newest in the One Colorado Shopping District in Pasadena. While the move is a way to draw young consumers who might still be anxious about COVID (because “one stop” equates to less door touching, sanitizing, and “fussing with a mask”), it’s also an attempt for malls to save themselves after seeing years of decline. (Digiday)