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Oreo and Pokémon are sending young consumers on a “cookie hunt” in a yummy new collab. 

Sep 10 2021

Oreo and Pokémon are sending young consumers on a “cookie hunt” in a yummy new collab. The snack brand is teaming up with Pokémon on 16 limited-edition cookie packs designed around the fantasy franchise’s most popular characters (yes, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are featured). Playing on the treasure hunt-like nature of Pokémon Go, the limited-edition cookie designs will be scattered across locations, and consumers are encouraged to hunt down all 16—although some will be extra hard to find as Oreo plans to produce an even smaller batch for some designs. Fans can pre-order limited packs on Oreo’s website before they come to retailers September 13. Oreo has been known for personalizing their products and packaging by teaming up with celebrities (hi Lady Gaga) and launching technology for fans to design their own cookies, and the Oreo x Pokémon venture is putting a twist on a trend young people know too well. (Adweek)