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Some teen creators are making millions from NFTs. 

Sep 10 2021

Some teen creators are making millions from NFTs. While most young people are still trying to figure out WTF NFTs are, some are booming in the business, making millions from selling the crypto art. Jaiden Stipp (15-years-old) started his crypto artistry on a whim after turning an astronaut cartoon into an NFT (a design he had already been toying around with by selling logo designs for customers on Discord); Victor Langlois (18-years-old)—who goes by FEWOCiOUS and is known for his colorful, identity-focused work—has reportedly cashed in over $18 million in the past year off his own NFT sales; and Benyamin Ahmed is a 12-year-old crypto artists making thousands from his Weird Whales series. Christie’s head of digital sales notes, “this is a space that really values community and the identity of the artists behind the project in a way that was not nearly as important as before”—something that the Gen Z creators are no doubt being drawn to as they explore the NFT boom. (Time)