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Social commerce app Flip is betting on shoppable video content.

Sep 09 2021

Social commerce app Flip is betting on shoppable video content. Also known as the TikTok of beauty shopping, Flip has been attracting a growing number of beauty brands selling through its short-form video shopping experience since launching in 2019. The platform stands out from TikTok since it functions as an etailer, offering a one-click checkout for multiple brands while storing items across its two warehouses and shipping orders in branded packaging. Flip’s CEO and Founder Noor Agha says the app aims to “uphold the feeling of authenticity and honesty that TikTok is known for in its beauty content,” and popular influencers like beauty TikToker Jackie Flores and makeup artist Sasha Karagianis are known for promoting beauty brands on Flip. Plus, the platform can monetize content for anyone on Flip—regardless of their follower count. YPulse’s beauty research found that beauty content is a big part of young consumers’ online entertainment, and Flip’s beauty-centric video marketplace could be a boon for brands looking to reach them. (Glossy)