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Facebook is leaning into fantasy sports and gaming.

Sep 07 2021

Facebook is leaning into fantasy sports and gaming. The social media giant recently announced the launch of Facebook Fantasy Games in the U.S. and Canada, available within the Facebook app for iOS and Android devices. Games take a social-first approach where players can create their own fantasy leagues and compete against others in a private Facebook group. “Simpler” versions of traditional fantasy sports games are available, along with games closely aligned to TV series like Fantasy Survivor or Fantasy The Bachelorette where users can make predictions about the show inside the game. Facebook is working with Whistle Sports to launch its first game, Pick & Play Sports, where users can earn points for correctly guessing the winner of a big game and earn bonus points for maintaining a streak of correct guesses. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research shows that social media platforms and video games are two of the top places that Gen Z and Millennials find a sense of community—and Facebook’s Fantasy Gaming expansion is attempting to marry the two for young people. (TechCrunch)