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Popeyes is sponsoring a food styling program for BIPOC students.

Aug 31 2021

Popeyes is sponsoring a food styling program for BIPOC students. The fast food chain is sponsoring a program created by the One Club for Creativity’s ONE Production: Food Styling pilot program, which is a free 10-week online training course teaching BIPOC students how to style food for print and video shoots. The class kicks off this fall and is designed to inform students about the career opportunities in food styling, and provide them with the skills to apply to on-set apprenticeships and jobs in the industry. According to the restaurant, the program aligns with their commitment to have more diverse talent “in every aspect of its marketing ecosystem.” YPulse’s social media research found that 38% of 13-39-year-old BIPOC consumers say it’s important that the food they buy look good in pictures they post on social media compared to 28% of 13-39-year-old White/Non-Hispanic consumers, signaling their interest in food styling for photos. (AdweekQSR Magazine)