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Gen Z and Millennials say unbranded is the new luxury.

Aug 30 2021

Gen Z and Millennials say unbranded is the new luxury. While young consumers in the U.S. typically aren’t associated with spending big on luxury items, YPulse’s luxury research shows that 44% of young females are interested in shopping for secondhand luxury items. Luxury resellers like The RealReal and Depop have emerged as some of young shoppers’ favorite places to find used luxury items, and they’re starting to seek out “high-value” pieces that aren’t associated with a particular brand in an attempt to break free from labels and expectations. According to The RealReal’s 2021 Resale Report, “unbranded jewelry” is the No. 2 most popular high-value “brand,” following Chanel at No. 1 while beating out well-known luxury brands like Gucci or Prada. The reason being, young consumers enjoy the mystery of not knowing where a piece is from as it represents timelessness and anonymity. Gen Z and Millennials have been fueling an interest for minimalist and logoless looks since the start of the pandemic, and according to The RealReal’s director of women’s fashion and fine jewelry, Gen Z and Millennial shoppers are looking for “pieces that speak to them and feel good…it’s for the love of the piece and nothing more.” (Vogue)