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Macy’s is going after Millennial moms with a Toys R Us expansion.

Aug 26 2021

Macy’s is going after Millennial moms with a Toys R Us expansion. After closing all of its stores in 2018, Toys R Us has found new life inside Macy’s as the department store plans to roll out Toys R Us shop-in-shops across more than 400 locations in 2022. Macy’s has already taken over the Toys R Us website, so Millennial parents can be armed with more options for toy shopping this holiday season. (YPulse research found that the number of Millennial parents planning to buy toys as holiday gifts jumped from 63% in 2019 to 70% in 2020). Macy’s is attempting to go after Millennial moms through its toy expansion by showing consumers how the department store can be a destination for more than just makeup and apparel. And expanding its home offerings is another way Macy’s hopes to capture Millennials moms with the launch of Oak—a new private-label home and textile brand designed for “more socially-conscious customers” that will be featured on a new sitelet to make it easier for consumers to find eco-conscious products from the department store. (CNBCHome Textiles Today)