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Tyga is launching an OnlyFans competitor.

Aug 24 2021

Tyga is launching an OnlyFans competitor. Just 24 hours after OnlyFans announced that it will ban “sexually explicit” content starting this October, Tyga announced he is leaving the platform and reportedly launching a subscription-based content service called “myystar.” The OnlyFans competitor will allow sexually explicit videos from adult content creators of all backgrounds—sex workers, celebrities, influencers, you name it. Myystar is set to debut in October and will take a 10% cut from creators’ earnings—much less than OnlyFans’ 20% cut. Tyga notes that myystar aims to support the hundreds of creators who are losing their income due to OnlyFans’ recent ban: “I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their revenue is at…I want to give those people hope.” According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Tyga was the fourth top earner on OnlyFans before leaving, and his new platform could be the solution that adult content creators are asking for in the wake of OnlyFans’ content shift. YPulse’s social media research found that 8% of 21-39-year-olds use OnlyFans. (Forbes)