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Asian Americans are still being attacked during the ongoing pandemic.

Aug 24 2021

Asian Americans are still being attacked during the ongoing pandemic. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend report found that 48% of Asian 13-39-year-olds feel that their race or ethnicity is discriminated against, and anti-Asian violence increased during the pandemic, causing advocacy groups to start the #StopAsianHate movement to support members of the AAPI community. But according to Stop AAPI Hate, discrimination is still rampant as COVID rages on. The coalition received reports of 2,478 new racist harassment incidents and attacks involving Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders between the months of April to June—bringing the total number of incidents reported since early in the pandemic to over 9K. Nearly two-thirds of the incidents were reported by women. The data found that several kinds of attacks increased in the last year including physical assaults, vandalism, and online hate incidents. The report reveals that with the pandemic still ongoing and the Delta variant increasing anxieties, the surge in anti-Asian racism “shows no sign of abating.” But the Stop AAPI Hate co-founder says there needs to be a “multifaceted approach” that includes federal, state, and local governments “doubling down” on protecting those communities in order to stop the problem. (HuffPost)