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Men’s makeup brand War Paint has opened a brick-and-mortar in London.

Aug 11 2021

Men’s makeup brand War Paint has opened a brick-and-mortar in London. After making a splash with its full line of men’s cosmetics—from bronzers to beard gels to brushes—War Paint has opened what it’s calling “the world’s first men’s makeup store.” The physical shop will carry all of the brand’s products as well as offer grooming services and a virtual assistant that will help answer questions about products and techniques. The idea that makeup and jewelry are for women only is being challenged more and more. YPulse’s new Gender Blur trend report found that 75% of 13-39-year-olds in the U.S. say it’s okay for girls to be masculine and guys to be feminine. Gen Z, TikTok, and young celebrities with “a more expansive sense of masculinity” have been reflecting these blurring of gender lines. James Charles was the first ever CoverBoy in 2016, Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is frequently seen using cosmetics products to makeover men on the show, actors like Jared Leto and Daniel Kaluuya have sported makeup on the red carpet, TikTok star Chase Hudson has been seen with his neck and wrists covered with jewelry as well as nail polish on his hands, and the chain necklace that actor Paul Mescal wore in Hulu’s Normal People became last year’s the talk of the internet. (WWD)