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Gen Z and Millennials in China are fueling demand for luxury outdoor experiences.

Aug 05 2021

Gen Z and Millennials in China are fueling demand for luxury outdoor experiences. Young consumers in China are already obsessed with all things luxury, and they’ve become even more interested with the great outdoors during the pandemic. Alibaba found that glamping was one of the fastest expanding sports subcategories durings its 618 shopping festival—showing 130% year-over-year growth. While camping (whether it be in RVs, cabins, etc.) hasn’t had as large of a presence in China as it has in North America, Europe, and Japan, the industry is growing fast and brands are responding. Reality shows like Star Chaser and I Told the Spring About You which follow young celebrities in nature have sprung up; Prada transformed its Rong Zhai cultural space in Shanghai into an indoor camping destination; Gucci partnered with The North Face for luxury outdoor apparel (its site even crashed because of how popular it was); and auto maker Mini put its own spin on glamping with “Nomad Hotel” that promoted its Countryman vehicles by introducing consumers to new glamping options. Spending more time in nature signals how China’s youth are embracing “slower and more deliberate” lifestyles, and brands can reach them via apparel, accessories, and experiences that speak to their wanderlust desires. (Jing Daily)