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Crate & Barrel is rethinking kids’ furniture for Millennial parents.

Jul 29 2021

Crate & Barrel is rethinking kids’ furniture for Millennial parents. The brand’s Crate & Kids line reportedly saw double growth last year, as parents focused on their homes more than ever before. Now, their new line is “designed to meet the needs of today’s Millennial parents: trending design, multipurpose function, gender-neutral styling and color, and sustainably produced items.” They’re staying away from pink, blue, and “gender normative themes,” and leaning non-traditional. To reach this generation of parents, the sub-brand is focused on mobile, social media, and influencer marketing, reporting that nearly 60% of its sales come from mobile devices. Last year, they launched their catalog through Pinterest, noting that the site is where today’s parents turn for inspiration. YPulse’s social media survey shows 41% of Millennial parents use Pinterest, compared to 27% of non-parents. (Home Accents Today)