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More young people are getting Botox.

Jul 28 2021

More young people are getting Botox. YPulse’s beauty data shows that 63% of young consumers say the pandemic has made them more comfortable with not wearing makeup. As skincare and “natural” looks continue to trend among Gen Z and Millennials, their interest in Botox as a preventive measure for aging is also increasing. According to Dr. Dmitriy Schwarzburg (founder of Skinly Aesthetics), the median age of patients at his clinic has been declining the past four years as more patients in their twenties come in for treatments that help them achieve “smooth skin, full lips, nice cheeks, [and/or] a sharp jawline.” Social media and more time spent on video calls is (of course) playing a role in young people’s growing Botox interest as they’re spending more time on camera, with many users going to Instagram and TikTok to share their experiences with preventive treatments—particularly wrinkle relaxers. Whether social media is to thank or blame for Botox’s growing popularity, young people aren’t just looking to improve their appearance without makeup—they want “results oriented” preventive procedures (like reducing wrinkle lines) and have actually helped destigmatize the practice by talking about it on social media. (ABC News)