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SwoonMe wants to tackle “superficial” dating apps with avatars and voice clips.

Jul 12 2021

SwoonMe wants to tackle “superficial” dating apps with avatars and voice clips. It appears everyone wants to capture next gen daters by putting a new spin on digital dating. Dating startup SwoonMe is the latest where users upload a profile image that the app converts into an avatar, and from there they can record a voice clip describing what they’re looking for in a partner, answer a few personality questions, and scroll through a feed of avatars/voice clips to discover potential matches. When a match is made, users can record voice messages and play icebreaker games (coming soon) to communicate, as opposed to DMing and sharing photos. As two users communicate more, their avatars will slowly melt away to reveal each other’s real images. While the app is intended to help users form deeper relationships opposed to searching for a quick hookup or casual connection, SwoonMe could evolve into a larger scale social app aimed at helping both romantic couples and friends stay connected. (TechCrunch)