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Lego wants to make “greener” bricks.

Jun 25 2021

Lego wants to make “greener” bricks. The toy maker has begun development on a plan to start making its bricks from recycled plastic bottles that it hopes to unveil to the public in two years. This isn’t the first of Lego’s sustainability efforts as the brand has committed to producing all of its core products from sustainable materials by 2030. Lego’s original materials use ABS plastic to give them the strength to grip together, and now the bricks will be made from PET plastic from recycled bottles with additives to give them the same “clutch power” strength as the former. Still, the best sustainable effort the toy industry can continue implementing is putting programs in place that promote the process of handing down used toys (like Lego’s Replay program). Consumers’ concern for the environment is only growing, and Lego is one of many toy manufacturers addressing sustainability. (BBCThe Guardian)